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CoMo Crisis Shelter at the Welcome Inn: Help Needed

March 27, 2020

Dear Constituent:

My Council colleague Mike Trapp and his brother John Trapp have been working day and night this week to set up the CoMo Crisis Shelter at the Welcome Inn.

Columbia residents living on the streets are extremely vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic — it is essential for their welfare and for the entire community that we step up quickly to provide a safe shelter for those without anywhere else to stay. In the last few days, the Trapps have worked a minor miracle in reaching an agreement with the Welcome Inn and setting up complex health and safety procedures to open up the CoMo Crisis Shelter last night.


Here’s what you can do:

  • Volunteer, if you are not in a high-risk group sign up here for training, and sign up here to volunteer.
  • Donate money immediately by sending a check to Room at the Inn COMO, P.O. Box 272, Columbia, MO 65205 (an online donation portal will be set up soon at the CoMo Crisis Shelter web site)
  • Donate supplies by dropping items off at the Welcome Inn, 1612 N. Providence Rd., Columbia, MO 65202 – especially:
    • Kleenex, garbage and recycling bags
    • Yellow safety vests and sanitary wipes
    • "No-touch" thermometers and batteries
    • Non-perishable foods

I am very grateful to everyone who has reached out to ask me what you can do to help vulnerable residents. Right now, the CoMo Crisis Shelter at the Welcome Inn is most in need. Please be generous with your time, money, and emergency supplies.

For more information, check out Mike Trapp's blog and today's Tribune article.

Cheers, Ian