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Election Day and Election Night Party

March 31, 2019

Dear Constituent:

This Tuesday is Election Day, so don't forget to exercise your democratic responsibility to vote in Columbia's Mayoral, City Council, and School Board elections.

If you live in the Fourth Ward, I hope you will vote for me to serve a third term as your City Council representative. If you're not sure whether you agree with the policy issues I have identified as priorities, please take a few minutes to review my 2019-2022 Policy Platform. If re-elected, I will continue to emphasize robust constituent engagement, planning for growth with fair and logical development impact fees, and equity in all policies - including community policing, affordable housing, and public transport.

Wherever you live, please join Karl Skala and me for an Election Night Party at Broadway Brewery that evening. Because Karl and I are both running unopposed in our respective wards, and have similar positions on most of the issues, we have teamed up for a celebration. Broadway Brewery will be providing delicious appetizers along with their excellent selection of custom-brewed beers.

Transit Funding Update

One of the policy issues on which Karl and I agree is the importance of increasing funding for transit.

I am very pleased to report that there has been further progress to reduce the negative impact of the cuts imposed last fall, and due to take effect in June. Two weeks ago, the entire City Council supported a proposal by Matt Pitzer to continue Saturday service by allocating funds from last year's budget surplus.

And both candidates for Mayor of Columbia have discussed transit. Chris Kelly supports a re-allocation of Transportation Sales Tax revenues as proposed by Karl and me. And Brian Treece has suggested a consolidation of parking and transit into a single utility, which would create efficiency savings and enable City Council to make combined budget decisions on the basis of high-level community goals - such as the Climate Action Plan, the Vision Zero Plan, transportation access and equity, relieving traffic congestion, reducing road expansion costs, etc.

By improving our transit level of service, as other cities are doing, we could make the bus system an attractive alternative to driving for car-owners, as well as an essential service for residents who do not have another option.

Please let me know what you think of this idea.

Cheers, Ian